It might sound belligerent - and sure, it might be a part of the intention too. But the statement is not about warfare with drones and guns and shit. Absolutely not.



Conquests doesn't have to be a bad thing. I believe it is crucial to grasp the essence of life and conquer the world you have been given. Your very own world. Clothes has the power to make you feel stronger and explore your entire self - and to conquer your world with love for yourself and a stronger mind - that’s not a bad thing at all, am I right? 

I want to give menswear a new range of opportunities. Mens wardrobe often lacks the potential of doing anything but to make sure they are not naked or cold. Menswear needs the possibility to boost individuality - and that is something I can contribute to. 

Life has taught me lessons I cherish everyday. Living life in a wheelchair has given me a different eye level and perspective of the world around us. I have seen reality and realized I have to change it - and to be honest, who wouldn’t want to do that? With my imagination and creative urge I know what I want. My vision in life will always be honing reality. 


Henrik Silvius